Takeru Tsubasa

A tengu warrior who briefly traveled with the party before it was decided that he was TOO bloodthirsty even for the rest of the group


Takeru (known to the group simply as “the Tengu”) was a Tengu warrior who joined the party after the departure of the Shadowman. While his straightforwardness and bloodthirsty nature were at first welcomed among a group which was rapidly approaching “heroic” sociopathy already, some of his later actions — in particular, biting the head off of a merchant who he felt had overcharged him — were too high-profile for the likes of the party. It was also believed at the time that the party might not be entirely evil, which made the clearly insane tengu a poor fit (regardless of the fact that the party later fully embraced their amoral, sociopathic nature).

Some time after the Tengu left the group, he was discovered by them working as one of the guardians of an artifact which they were hunting. In the course of obtaining this artifact, the party found themselves at odds with Takeru, and were forced to fight him to the death.

Takeru Tsubasa

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